Hope Project

by Edward Traub

As I mentioned a few days ago, I'm going to be auctioning these drawings during and for a short time after Lent this year.  All the proceeds will go to the Hope Project in Muskegon, Michigan.  You can read all about it through the link below:

One of the most difficult parts of this has been the process of searching for the right "cause" to give to.  I'll admit that I live a privileged life, always have.  One of the perks of this reality is that I can keep a safe distance from most (all) pain and suffering if I really want to.  But even if one finds it in his heart to give, then he faces the dilemma as to which good cause to partner with.  There are several non-profits which are near and dear to my heart; some of them are national and international (BIG causes) and I will continue to support them.  [I'll include a more comprehensive list of those organizations and movements as time goes on]  As one might expect, right here on the safe shores of West Michigan exist too many to count.  I felt truly compelled to focus on a more local effort, one that still surprises me even when I read statistics about the ongoing existence of human-trafficking.

A number of my friends and colleagues have observed that there exists a deep seeded veneer in our highly-churched community.  The evil isn't obvious, it's difficult to see because it's so easy to ignore.

Take the time to read about the Hope Project, and please consider giving to the cause.

As each drawing is posted, the minimum price for the pieces is $100.  I will be making these available for the Hope Project until the first Sunday after Easter (April 7, 2013).  Again, you can reply/comment to this blog (all comments will be monitored by myself and kept confidential) and when the time comes after April 7, I'll need your mailing address to ship the drawing to you.